Introducing Zenith Net-Zero

ZenithJet launches ZenithNet-Zero, its sustainability services company to support its non-aviation clients …

What are operational & organizational boundaries?

Operational boundaries refer to the specific limits or geographical areas within which an organization conducts its activities and over which it has operational control. In the context of environmental management and greenhouse gas emissions accounting, operational boundaries define where an organization …

What about my unavoidable emissions?

Unavoidable emissions are challenging to eliminate within an organization’s operations and value chain, however there are many valuable solutions to managing these unavoidable emissions…

What are Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions?

Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions are categories used to classify and account for greenhouse gas emissions associated with an organization’s activities. These categories are defined by…

What is GHG Accounting?

Greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting is the process of quantifying the emissions of greenhouse gases from various sources and activities. The goal of GHG accounting is to identify sources of emissions, measure their magnitude, and monitor…

Where do I start?

Where do I start? Once a decision is made to embark on your sustainability journey, the first step is to understand your carbon footprint by way of measuring your greenhouse gas emissions – known as GHG Accounting, and to set a reporting period and base year. Below outlines a few of the steps required: Identify […]

ZenithJet Announces New Sustainability Services Clients

ZenithJet Announces New Sustainability Services Clients September 27, 2022 ZenithJet, a leading aviation consulting firm, today announced its first sustainability clients. These companies represent a comprehensive cross-section of the business aviation industry, spanning brokerage, manufacturing and aircraft management/charter operations. New clients include: Jetcraft, a network of global aircraft brokers and advisors, offering unmatched international reach […]

Is GHG Accounting Expensive?

Our GHG accounting and inventory services are a fraction of the cost when compared to the larger firms. With ZenithJet, you get big firm results with a boutique approach to service and cost.

Our team consists of environmental experts who employ industry recognized standards for GHG measurements such as the GHG protocol and ISO 14064 standards, ensuring you receive accurate, transparent, and auditable results.