Our experience on the Global platform extends beyond technical knowledge and understanding. We also operate Globals and understand the financial implications of such an important asset. Our collective expertise in building, completing, maintaining, refurbishing and operating Globals, provides our clients with an experienced partner throughout the ownership life cycle. Our clients and their flight departments / operators call on us to support them on issues ranging from simple inquiries to complex problems. In fact, most of our clients have worked with us for many years and over several aircraft. Whether it’s getting a new baggage flap made or overseeing the completion of a brand new aircraft, our focus is to ensure a great ownership experience, for you the client.


Over the course of ZenithJet’s history, we have completed over 100+ Global projects involving every Global series model (Global Express, 5000, XRS & 6000) with mandates ranging from aircraft purchases, interior completions oversight, green aircraft acceptance, damage assessments, major inspections (such as the 8C/10 year), prebuys, refurbishments, modifications and engine overhauls, that make us Global Experts. We are already acting on behalf of Global 7500 owners as Bombardier is set to introduce its new flagship Global. Our new GAINS™ (Global Acquisition and IN-Service) program was specifically designed to help buyers find the right Global. If you are thinking about acquiring a Global, contact us for a consultation before taking the first step. Expert advice pays for itself.

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