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Challenger 300 Kits

When Bombardier introduced the Challenger 300 in 2004 it became one of the fastest selling aircraft of all time. As the fleet has grown to hundreds of aircraft we saw an opportunity to help owners with a kit that would address noise levels under a FAA Supplemental Type Certificate. Our CL300 kit has been installed on many Challenger 300s. One of our customers was so impressed with the results of the kit that he installed it on all his Challenger 300 aircraft. Our kit replaces the original factory materials and can be completed in less than a week, either as a stand alone install or as part of a major inspection or refurbishment project. Contact us directly or through our partner Bombardier to ask about our package and pricing.

Challenger 850 Kits

ZenithJet’s Silentium Air solution for the Challenger 850 is the only Supplemental Type Certificate backed kit available that has been installed in factory new aircraft and aftermarket refurbishments. The kit is purpose-built for the Challenger 850 and has met and exceeded Bombardier’s exacting standards for cabin interior sound levels. For more information about our Challenger 850 sound suppression kit, please contact us.

Global Kits

By definition, flagship products represent the pinnacle in quality and performance. A sound suppression solution for the Global needs to uphold its “best in class” standing in the Ultra Long Range jet segment. That’s why our Global sound suppression kit has taken years to develop drawing on our collective insight of overseeing countless refurbishment and 8C inspection projects. Our development roadmap for our Global kit has been to replace existing sound insulation coverings with more advanced and lighter aerospace grade materials, and to apply treatment to previously untreated areas. As per our philosophy, we have engineered our Global sound suppression kit to secure STC approval to ensure the residual value of your Global. For more information about our Global sound suppression kit, please contact us.