Originally installed OEM sound suppression material degrades over time. Replacing it is not an easy task. At ZenithJet, we developed the Silentium Air Sound Suppression System based on years of studying aircraft interiors during test flights and major inspections, seeing first-hand where deficiencies in materials and their installation exist.

Our FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approved sound suppression kits not only restore factory sound levels, but are engineered to pass stringent regulatory standards. Adding sound suppression kits that are not STC approved not only pose a significant risk to your aircraft’s residual value, they can jeopardize a future sale of your aircraft as well. Non STC alterations to your aircraft are not universally accepted by international regulatory authorities. With the increased volume of global transactions involving different registries, why would you take that risk?


If you are considering a sound suppression upgrade for your aircraft and you want to gather “before” and “after” sound survey results, or you would like to independently validate work already completed, ZenithJet can help. Using industry leading Brüel & Kjær sound measurement equipment, our sound survey team will assess the current sound levels of your aircraft’s cabin and submit a detailed report that measures each station separately.



By definition, flagship products represent the pinnacle in quality and performance. A sound suppression solution for the Global needs to uphold its “best in class” standing in the Ultra Long Range jet segment. That’s why our Global sound suppression kit has taken years to engineer as it drew on the collective insight of our countless 8C inspection projects. Our development roadmap for our Global kit has been to replace existing sound insulation bags with more advanced and lighter materials, and to apply treatment to previously untreated areas. As per our philosophy, we’re doing this via the STC route to preserve the residual value of your Global. For more information about our Global sound suppression kit,
please contact us.


CL300 KITS  

When Bombardier introduced the Challenger CL300 which came to define the Super Midsize segment, their focus was exploiting the gap between the Midsize and Large Jet segment offerings at the time by focusing on price, performance and cabin volume. As Challenger 300 customers became more discriminating regarding cabin comfort, sound level expectations followed suit. Our CL300 STC-backed sound suppression kit meets those standards, especially for interior configurations that do not include a forward pocket door. For more information, please contact us.

CL850 KITS  

Belying its commercial aviation lineage, the Challenger CL850 has addressed a specific niche in the market for business aviation customers that want a Challenger pedigree with greater cabin interior features. ZenithJet’s Silientium Air solution for the CL850 is the only STC-backed kit available in the aftermarket that is purpose-built for the CL850 to exacting standards. In fact, ZenithJet’s kit was being installed in all new CL850s before Bombardier ceased production. For more information about our CL850 sound suppression kit, please contact us.