Our objective when undertaking an aircraft interior completion oversight project is to deliver your Global on schedule and to specification, with no compromise on quality. We pay attention to items largely overlooked by other consultants that can directly impact your Global’s successful entry into service and future residual value. It is precisely here where ZenithJet draws on its experience of delivering and operating all types Bombardier Globals, from early model Global Expresses to brand new Global 6000s. We are your Global Experts.



ZenithJet can conduct the technical acceptance of your Global as it leaves the green production line in Toronto and ensure it is properly prepared to enter the completion phase. If you are wondering if a green aircraft inspection is really necessary, contact us so we can explain why it’s a smart technical decision as well as a shrewd business decision.




ZenithJet will manage the final delivery and technical acceptance of your aircraft by providing continuous on-site representation during the delivery phase. We will use our expertise to ensure you get a quality product and a seamless entry into service.