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Aircraft Acquisitions

Aircraft Acquisition Mandates

GAINS (Global Aircraft and IN Service) PROGRAM
If you are thinking about buying a new or pre-owned Bombardier Global series aircraft (Global Express, 5000, XRS, 6000, 7000), consider our aircraft acquisition program called GAINS (Global Acquisition and In-Service Program). For a fixed fee, on new aircraft, ZenithJet will directly negotiate the terms of the transaction with Bombardier for you. For pre-owned deals, we will find the best Global in the market, negotiate the deal on your behalf and provide technical oversight of the pre purchase inspection to ensure you get an excellent Global. Our experience has helped us complete over 100 Global aircraft projects addressing any requirement you may have, technical, operational or financial as it relates to your Global – from identifying an aircraft, undertaking a pre-purchase inspection, closing the deal and getting the aircraft in service. We do it all.


For flight departments, whether experienced operators of the Global or first-time owners, contact us so we can explain why you should entrust ZenithJet with your Global acquisition project.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Surveys

In cases where a customer has identified the Global they want, ZenithJet can act on your behalf during the pre-purchase inspection to ensure that your interests are represented throughout the process and your aircraft really is the best fit.

For customers wishing to sell their Global, we perform an extensive audit on your aircraft – to ensure that it exceeds market expectations – and represent your interests during the pre-purchase inspection, remaining by your side until the transaction closes.